The Carbon Corner - Issue #25

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Today we are bringing news of a few new ventures and things to be on the lookout for!

CF Industries Holdings Inc. Purchases Waggaman Ammonia Production Facility

This week, CF Industries Holdings Inc. announced they signed a purchase agreement with Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL) for IP's ammonia production complex located in Waggaman, Louisiana. The facility has an 880,000-ton capacity of ammonia annually. Currently, the facility supplies ammonia to three major customers, including Dyno Nobel.

CF Industries plans to continue providing ammonia as a clean energy source. Future plans for the facility involve implementing carbon capture and sequestration to increase ammonia production, support Louisiana's climate goals, and earn 45Q tax credits. The nearby pipeline in Donaldsonville, Louisiana will make this addition easier.

Microseismic Inc. to Use DOE Grant Towards Carbon Sequestration Tool

Microseismic Inc. will receive $199,721 in grants from the U.S. Department of Energy, which will go to support science-based energy innovation and clean energy development. The company plans to use the funds towards a MicroSeismic CSEM monitory service called CO2SeQure. This device uses an electromagnetic monitoring network to facilitate carbon storage and injection operations.

CEO and Founder of MicroSeismic, Dr. Peter M. Duncan, said: “Safe and efficient geologic sequestration of CO2 requires monitoring and validation during injection to ensure the integrity of the storage formation and caprock. It is important to safely and efficiently monitor and measure the extent of the CO2 plume so that injection rates can be controlled to prevent leakage from the geological reservoir. With this grant, we will continue developing a turnkey monitoring service using electromagnetic methods that will ensure the safe and efficient operation of industrial-scale CO2 storage facilities.”

LSU Report Praises Gulf Coast Sequestration's Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project

Louisiana State University's (LSU) Center for Energy Studies recently published a report that expects a planned CCUS hub in Calcasieu Parish to significantly increase jobs and earnings, abate climate damage, and protect the energy industry by capturing emissions to store underground. The project belongs to the Gulf Coast Sequestration (GCS) and will be the first hub in the United States to store CO2 permanently.

More specifically, the study found these economic impacts listed by Business Wire:

  • "The potential to abate climate damages by $11.3 billion over the lifetime of the project (utilizing EPA's social cost of CO2) by sequestering a total of 300 million tons of CO2.
  • An estimated contribution of $698 million in earnings for U.S. workers during the anticipated five-year construction period, with approximately $560 million of this occurring in Louisiana and Texas.
  • Support for more than 1,149 jobs nationally during construction, with more than 970 of these jobs in Louisiana and Texas.
  • Support for approximately 375 jobs nationally once the project is completed, paying $21 million in earnings annually.
  • Assistance in the decarbonization of - and thus protection of - an industry that employs approximately 150,000 workers directly in Texas and Louisiana alone."

GCS has submitted two Class VI Underground Injection Control permit applications to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and plans to proceed with construction once approval is received.

Archer Daniels Midland Co. Receives Approval to Pump Carbon Under Decatur City-Owned Land

Earlier this week, The Decatur City Council voted unanimously to allow the city manager Scot Wrighton to execute an agreement with Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) to pump liquified carbon dioxide into the city-owned ground. The company plans to construct a 350-mile pipeline from its Iowa plants to the approved site in Decatur, IL. The city will receive $450 per acre of land in which ADM injects and stores the CO2.

ADM expected to bring a detailed easement before the council to approve every pore space; however, problems arose with title records, land records, and acreage calculations. Chris Cuddy, senior vice president of ADM, then requested approval of an ordinance that would authorize the mayor and city manager to execute an easement once all problems were resolved. The notion was dismissed, and the agreement signed only applies to properties previously discussed. This was a relief for a few unapproving members of the community.

"This project is a major catalyst for this community to bring new investment and new jobs," said Chris Cuddy. "It's good for ADM; it's good for Decatur; it's good for jobs; it's good for the local farmers."

Milestone Carbon Signs LOI to Evaluate Louisiana's Terrebonne Parish CCS Project

Milestone Carbon announced its interest in evaluating 46,000 acres of land in Louisiana's Terrebonne Parish for CCS purposes. The company plans to assess the land's potential for multiple Class VI injection wells with a goal to further decarbonize the industrial space in southeastern Louisiana. The area currently produces more than 35 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

"Louisiana has many of the critical elements for successful carbon capture projects, including great geology, strong policy support, and significant industrial emissions," said Chris Davis, Milestone Carbon Senior Vice President. "We are pleased to work with the landowners leveraging Milestone's experience in sequestration site development to accelerate CCS growth in Louisiana."

We hope you enjoyed reading this week and hope to see you back next week for more!

Schaper Energy Consulting is a professional engineering firm offering carbon strategy services to CCS site developers. Check out some examples of our projects here:

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at

We hope you enjoyed reading this week!

Schaper Energy Consulting is a professional engineering firm offering carbon strategy services to CCS site developers. Check out some examples of our projects here:

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at

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