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New Carbon Capture Pilot Plant in Arkansas

Standard Lithium Ltd. announced that its project, Carbon Capture Pilot Plant, has been successfully installed at a site in Arkansas. This project aims to assess the technical and financial viability of carbon capture.

Standard Lithium's goal is to determine the best use for its technology in reducing carbon emissions for future production facilities. The technology that will be used was funded by an Aqualung Carbon Capture AS equity investment of $2.5 million. Aqualung is located in the United Kingdom, so the creation and testing began there before the plant was later brought to the Gulf Coast. Mission Creek Resources LLC owns the site that it will operate on.

Dr. Andy Robinson, President and COO of Standard Lithium, commented, "Standard Lithium is committed to ushering in a new generation of sustainable mineral extraction by exploring novel, cutting-edge technologies designed to minimize carbon emissions. We look forward to testing this innovative carbon capture technology to better understand how Standard Lithium can engage in the most sustainable production processes while integrating low-carbon lithium products into North America's energy transition supply chain."

Cardinal Ethanol and Vault 44.01 Partners For Indiana CCS Project

Cardinal Ethanol, LLC "Cardinal" and Vault 44.01 have joined to form a new limited partnership, One Carbon Partnership, LP. The first act of the new partnership was to enter into a Joint Venture Agreement to design, implement, and operate a CO2 CCS project at an ethanol production facility near Union City, Indiana. The facility is owned by Cardinal and produces around 135 million gallons of ethanol annually.

The project is still in its infancy, although Class VI permit applications have been submitted to EPA Region 5. Cardinal Chief Executive Officer Jeff Painter said, "We are committed to enhancing shareholder value through employing the latest technology in the production of clean, low carbon intensity and environmentally friendly bioethanol. Partnering with Vault 44.01 on this CCS project is another step in Cardinal Ethanol's commitment to further lower our carbon impact and protect our environment. This partnership aligns with Cardinal Ethanol's goals and keeps us on a path to zero emission liquid fuels."

US Government to Award $93 Million to Carbon Storage Projects

As we have discussed before, there is a significant push in the carbon capture space encouraged by funding and tax incentives. A new round of funding was announced at the beginning of this month. It consisted of $93 million that will go towards 11 projects designed around commercial-scale storage sights' technical and economic feasibility.

A few projects have already been selected, including two offshore projects. The first is located in Corpus Christi and was awarded $7.4 million for a 24-month feasibility study. The second project received $8.4 million in support of CCS storage studies in the Gulf of Mexico. The recipient is known as The Southern States Energy Board, an economic development group representing 16 states.

Other rewards include $9 million for the Roughrider project in North Dakota and $8.8 million for the Calgren Renewable Fuels storage project in California.

President Biden has set a goal to store at least 50 million metric tonnes of carbon over the next 30 years, so this funding will help accomplish the task!

Ozona Reaches Agreement with Texas Pacific Land Corp to Lease 5,173 Acres of Pore Space

Ozona CCS, LLC "Ozona" has finalized its agreement with Texas Pacific Land Corporation to lease about 5,173 acres to drill CO2 sequestration wells in the Permian Basin. This area and the Texas Gulf Coast will be the initial areas of interest for Ozona.

As of now, the company is beginning the Federal and State permitting processes. The project has an expected service date of 2024 and an estimated injection rate of 25,000 barrels daily, with a capacity of 40,000,000 metric tonnes.

Richard Adas, the CEO and COO of Ozona, said, "We are excited to collaborate with TPL on the first of its kind project in the Permian Basin. Drilling one of the first carbon dioxide sequestration wells in the Permian shows our ability as an industry leader in reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We continue to build momentum in developing carbon capture projects in the Permian and elsewhere across North America. I am proud of our team and the effort they have put forth to make this a reality."

Archer Daniels Midland Captures and Transports Over 2.8 Million Tonnes of CO2

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) successfully processed and transported CO2 from their Illinois ethanol plant to the Mt. Simon Sandstone saline reservoir for storage. This has been the most significant capture, transportation, and storage of its kind to date.

The National Energy Technology Laboratory, Illinois State Geological Survey, Schlumberger Carbon Services, and Richland Community College supported this project. There are plans to maintain monitoring of the site and nearby groundwater.

Sai Gollakot, NETL federal project manager, described the project as a "prime example of collaboration between private industry, academia, and government and shows what NETL can help achieve."

Green Concrete Tax Break for New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy passed the first "Green Concrete" bill in New Jersey. Concrete is responsible for seven percent of global CO2 emissions, and a bill was passed in 2021 to reduce emissions to net zero by 2045. To encourage the reduction of carbon emissions, this bill gives credit of up to five percent of a project's total concrete cost if the materials used have low embodied carbon dioxide emissions. An additional three percent is available if a company can deliver concrete made with carbon capture, utilization, and storage technology.

The state commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Projection spoke of plans to "look at this piece of legislation and our ability to share and cross-pollinate with other states."

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